God Bless Texas

On Friday August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey began to hit the Texas coast. Five days of relentless rain and wind devastated the greater Houston area and coastal cities. From flooded neighborhoods and highways, to houses and communities being flooded; it caused havoc across the entire state. Hurricane Harvey is being called the most devastating rain event in the US with an estimate of over 50 inches of rainfall. What happened during and after Harvey’s path of destruction is the true story and testament to the wonderful state of Texas’ strength and compassion for our neighbors and others. Before the storm even stopped, before any form of government began to render aid, Texans loaded up personal boats and began rescuing those who couldn’t get out themselves. Citizens took it upon themselves to save fellow citizens side by side with our first responders and risking their lives. Not because they were called to or asked to, but because they wanted to help their fellow man. It was inspiring and humbling that created a massive ripple effect. Once the storm finally did stop and people could move they did. Within a matter of 48 hours, people were waiting in lines to volunteer, and being turned away because they had too many volunteers, to neighbors going home to home helping flood victims begin clearing out their homes. Donations coming into every shelter by the truck full and first responders offices being over run with food to show their thanks and it has yet to cease. Hurricane Harvey may have ripped our state apart, but our Texan spirit will mend it up quickly! God Bless Texas!