Setting Up Your Surround Sound Speakers

When you move into a new house, there are numerous things you’ll want to do early on to get your house in live-in shape. One thing you should think about early is setting up the surround sound system in your new home.

Not everyone is adept at understanding all the wiring and how to properly set up your surround system speakers and an audio system. While you could hire someone to come in and do the job, watching a few DIY videos on YouTube may be enough for you to handle it yourself.
One of the most vital components of the surround system is the speaker and the placement of the speakers around your media room is paramount in creating an ideal surround sound system environment. Start by locating the “sweet spot” in your room where you will most likely be sitting to watch TV. Of course, multiple people watch at one time, and you might not always sit in the same place, but try to find the central area so you can work everything off of that area.

When it comes to setting up each speaker correctly, it is important to follow the display model.

For example, the center channel speaker should be located directly above or below the display. As the majority of the dialogue from a TV show or movie comes through this speaker. It’s recommended to place the center speaker as close to the television as possible while also being careful to angle the speaker towards your ears. The front left/right speakers provide the off-screen effects and project all the stereo soundtrack information including the background environments. Avoid placing these speakers too close together to avoid a sound stage or placing them too far apart, which will create a large gap in the sound stage. It’s best to place them as close to ear level as possible. One common mistake is putting them in corners, but that will muffle their sound.

The surround speakers are primarily the area in which homeowners tend to mix up the most. Despite their name, they aren’t supposed to be behind you, and are actually best when they are set up directly on your left and right. Most experts recommended that surround speakers be placed approximately 2 feet above ear level.

TVs are getting bigger and better and it would be a shame to have the HD picture of your dream and just the standard sound emulating from the set. Invest in a nice surround sound system and feel like you’re at the movies every time you watch.
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